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    Favourite TV Series?

    Lost, Prison break and Heroes. I'll update when I find more, but the ones I've listed are ones that are definitely my top 3.
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    Back again

    Welcome back :)
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    Anyone here good with Java?

    PM me with what your issue is and I'll see if I can help.
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    Very nice, I remember when you got those draconic visages :\ I've killed atleast 500 dragons and not got one. Oh well not complaining they are obviously rare.
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    Had to stop

    Omg you serious? your bank was empty? FML. Hope it gets sorted mate.
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    Fletching disabled?

    Does anyone know when fletching will be re-enabled? I was currently fletching before the update now it's been disabled >.<
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    Had to stop

    I didn't mean that in a bad way, I just mean I'm not sure If I'm gonna be on much longer, but if you're on soon we can do it :D
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    Had to stop

    Depends when you come on :D
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    Had to stop

    That 205 was with me :D OT: Congratulations, you've beat the record :D I'm guessing SOMEONE will beat it soon, you know who i'm talking about >.>
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    Selling loads of diamond bolts(e)

    Pm me in-game with your amount and I'll tell you the price.
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    On my first task of infernal mages, I got top and hat, couldn't get the bottoms for ages, but @courts gave me the bottoms :D
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    99 Fishing.

    Congrats! I want 99 fishing badly, it's just a boring skill.
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    Max hits thread

    That was before or after today's update? Because new max is 51 so far.
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    Max hits thread

    Updated main thread, new max 51 :$
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    Nezzy helms

    Don't think their in-game but I think they should be.
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    The Best home

    I don't mind any place tbh, as long as it's easy to get round and to find the shop.
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    Max hits thread

    Not a bad hit, seems to be roughly the max I've done aswell, although I've hit 43 :$
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    50 Barrows rewards

    Very nice, I get bored after doing 1-2 runs :\ I'll keep viewing this thread to see how you're getting on :)
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    a little something

    Very nice man! Didn't even know you could get in there, I couldn't get through the gate.
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    Max hits thread

    Dark bow spec max so far!