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    Server DC?

    so much for offtopic chat
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    Hello b0ys

    (clap) noob
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    Paragon updated graphics more pictures

    pretty much, all higher revision data renders onto the lower ones
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    Sup guys

    from resolution 530 :o? hi
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    sup jak
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    Sorry: This lever is out of service.

    :d fixed that sry
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    Any games can be posted here as long as it's not another RSPS.
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    Dead Body Drop Off couldn't stop laughing for 10mins
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    Post your setup

    work for the CIA much??
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    Post your setup

    u don't mind Shaq smiling at you while on the computer at night? :D your monitor looks just like mine lol
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    This Section

    Is not for bugs, only post here if you need help with something