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    Welcome aboard, Sirius. I hope you enjoy your stay. :)
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    Affliction's Intro

    It's nice to see how much effort you put into your introduction. :P Welcome aboard. ;)
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    Post Your YouTube Channel here!

    Haven't made a single video with my current setup.. o_O >> My channel <<
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    What are you listening to right now.

    One of my favourite bands. :cool: Even if you don't like the genre, you should still watch the video(s) for the babe in my signature. ;) EDIT:
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    So close yet so far away

    Very nice! I'd start investing on Prayer. ;) Good luck. :P
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    Advertising shouldn't be our first priority for the time being. As stated above, we are still in the early stages of development. Patience, my friend.
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    Price Guide for Paragon

    The potential of a key half dropped depends on the combat level of the killed monster. Lower level monsters tend to drop loops more often, when higher level monsters tend to drop teeth more often. It's still possible to obtain both of these halves from the same monster.
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    Religion survey

    Birth place: Finland Current country: Finland Age: 17 First beliefs: Christianity Current beliefs: Not sure, to be honest
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    Price Guide for Paragon

    The purpose of this guide is to give new players some sort of an estimate on the prices of the in-game market. Keep in mind that prices vary, they may change in a matter of days. The server is still in Beta, which means the economy is still in the very beginning. Abyssal whip - 20-30m...
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    Longest Uptime

    Been up for almost 20 hours. Amazing, just amazing. :)
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    List of things I'm looking for

    You can have mine for free once the server's up. ;)
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    List of things I'm looking for

    I also have a Studded body (g), if you already haven't bought one. :P
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    Just Bought Gold Member

    Congratulations man, well worthy. :)
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    Luck bastards....

    You're not the only one.. ;) I'm "on-the-job learning", if that's the term I'm looking for..
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    Paragon Barrows guide for pures

    Well, the Barrows is quite a basic mini-game. So if you have ever played the mini-game before, you shouldn't have any problems, even as a pure.. Although, some players may not be aware of the (efficient) method for killing Verac that was shown in the video. Great to see some video-guides, thanks.
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    Taurus from Rune-Server, lel. Welcome to Paragon, looking forward for some neat GFX. ;)
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    Menth from Rune-Server? Welcome aboard.