1st Chaotic?


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Congratulations buddy :)

Congrats to others who achieved it too, well deserved.

OT: Yay I'm in the pic (guy with torso/d legs/whip ;P)

Str En Gth

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Don't really even see why it matters who was first anymore lmao I got my chaotic and that's fine with me.
So now that you've had it for a while it's nothing special anymore? Once I get one, I'll be happy and it will be special to me for a while, the same as it was for you.


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I feel like there's more chaotics than whips now lol, grats I guess?


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And that's why there should be a boat limit like before.
Don't worry, there still is a limit and always has been, aside from the one-time special PC-mass event we had. The people who now have chaotics only have them since the mechanics are better understood now ;)
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