2013 Album of the Year?


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Direct Hit! - Brainless God

This is a concept album, which is pretty rare in the punk scene. The general theme is the end of the world, and Direct Hit! also link in ideas of religion and psychopathy. It's easily one of the most fun albums I've ever listened to, and it encompasses everything I want to hear when I listen to a pop-punk album. I strongly recommend this album to everybody who enjoys music.


Runners up:

The Wonder Years - The Greatest Generation

The Wonder Years never seem to disappoint. Their last two albums ('The Upsides' and 'Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing') are both considered milestones in the pop-punk genre, however I feel that this album is by far their strongest release. This release is a close contender for my AOTY, however it has a few songs which pull the album down a bit (mostly Madelyn).
This album is more accessible than 'Brainless God' (see above), so I guess this album is probably more suited to people who aren't a fan of the harsh vocals that appear in Direct Hit!'s release.


The Story So Far - What You Don't See

Their previous release, 'Under Soil and Dirt', was my 2011 Album of the Year, full of catchy hooks, meaningful, angst ridden, heartfelt lyrics, and great musicianship. It's amazing how an album can be both a let down and a contender for album of the year. This album isn't a wild change from their debut effort, however the lyrics are more matured, and the production has improved. The album is overall slightly worse than 'Under Soil and Dirt', though.