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[i][Afflict Pain][i]
Okay guys, I am going to start off by revealing my true identity :p (houdini) was my first name. Tyrone changed it for me to (disturbed). Finally Buu just changed it to (Affliction). Would like to thank both of them for that.

Lets jump into who I am, and what I expect to do in this community.

My irl name is Steven. Hi everyone, nice to meet you :)
I am 19 years old, I live with my parents. I am blessed to have a nice big house for me and my friends to hang out and party in. I am a country boy for life. I listen to screamo music though. I am currently not working :( been trying to find a job.... It's just so damn hard in the terrible economy of The United States.
My favorite color is Pink, no reason really just is. Favorite house pet black labs, I had two of the best Black Labs as pets during my childhood. Favorite Barnyard animal is a cow, because we had a calf live in our basement until it grew up :) was so awesome. Favorite Wild animal,easily a Lion, I guess just because I am a LEO, and lion's are just beasts. Favorite Zoo animal would be a monkey, its always funny to see them throw dung at somebody :p
Well there i just told you all about me :p. Now it'd be your turn to tell me who you are if you'd like.

I plan on being a huge part of this server in every possible way I can.
-Making Guides
-Helping Staff with anything they ask from us players.
-Helping New Players, give them a little booster, aside from the one Paragon issue's you when starting.
-Getting Clan's started, and find Founders/Co-owners of my Clan (btw i deleted asylum. Making a new one)
-Finding Bug's or Glitches and report them immediately so nobody can abuse them.

The Picture below is about 2 years old :p I look the same though. Does Anyone else see the monkey in the smoke cloud? :D



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Hey, I'm just like you, but the Australian version, and I don't smoke + a lot of differences. :p

Anyways, welcome mate.

You're Houdini omfgomfogmmggogm


[i][Afflict Pain][i]
Thanks R o D, you are one of my first friends, besides Jeremy.

Jeremy you're just gay :p (btw if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be playing on this server)

Thanks 2008, IM HOUDINI :p


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It's nice to see how much effort you put into your introduction. :p
Welcome aboard. ;)


[i][Afflict Pain][i]
Your welcome.... Houdini.

omfgomfmgomgomg it's houdini asdlfjlasdkjfasdf

is.... is THAT MAGIC COMING OUT OF HIS MOUTH!?!??!?! :O :O :D :D :(

LMFAO! MAGIC FROM MY MOUTH :p that's what Jeremy's girlfriend says every time I go down on her :hurr:


[i][Afflict Pain][i]
Too bad I don't have a girlfriend.. and why are you not online!
Are you sure? What are you coming to Wisconsin for in June? :] A girl. I'm not online because I was up all weekend n finally got some sleep last night haha. But I gotta go cut wood with dad right now, I'll be in-game in about 2-4 hours. See everyone in a bit :D
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