Basic Combat Training Guide for Starters.


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Hi guys,

Before I continue, I just like to say that I only started playing 2 days ago, and joined the forums around 4(ish) days ago. I would like some constructive criticism or compliments/positive feedback on the reply section below, because I'm only relatively new and I'd like to learn.

Alright, let's begin.

First of all, when you start off, you will receive a starter kit in your bank. There will be respective combat gear (ranged, melee and magic) that will be available for you to use. There will also be 250,000 coins and some food (lobsters) that you can utilize whilst training.

Pictures will be included later.

Now to train, there are several options (if not, more) for you to begin with.

Here are the following I chose when I started:

(Because I started off as a pure, I mainly stuck to these)
  • Yaks (level 22, just west of home - Neitiznot)
  • Rock crabs (level 13, just north of the Yaks, climb down the ladder entrance nearest the western exit of home)
  • Experiments (level 25, entrance is a ladder just west of the rock crabs one)
Here are some snapshots of the locations:

Regardless of combat level, I do, however, recommend experiments. Just bring some food and leave an inventory space or two for some of the drops. Why? Well, experiments are pretty much 2 rock crabs in one. Their HP is around 100, so this makes it great XP, as well as allowing you to even AFK a little bit (unless you have good Defence, you will be hit quite a lot).

For the guys who have good defence, you pretty much don't need to worry about food at all. Just bring some super potions for faster kills and leave out some invo spaces for the good drops.

Slayer is also recommended, since you also gain combat experience as well as experience on whatever combat style you train on (mage, melee, ranged), as well as the potential dough you could make from.

To start Slayer, hit the "Home Teleport" in the magic tab, run south west until you see the sailor. Talk to the Sailor and hit the "Edgeville" button. When you're at Edgeville, head south to the dungeon, and from thereon you should find Vannaka the Slayer Master, who resides in his original RuneScape position.

Here's the Sailor:

This is the interface opened when you talk to the Sailor.
(Choose Edgeville for Slayer Master, Vannaka)

Well that pretty much covers what I wanted to say. This is just a basic guide on how to get kickstarted on training combat. I'm sure you guys have a lot more areas that you can cover (e.g. more training spots), and if you do have more suggestions, please comment below in the reply section.

Thank you very much for reading this short guide. I hope you understand, and wish you all the best in your combat 99s!

If you please like and comment on this post, it'd be lovely. I'd make more guides when I'm motivated, so I want to see those likes coming in :)

Cheers, and have a wonderful day.
2008 (IGN: Will).
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