Basic guide to paragon

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Hello everyone and welcome to my guide in this guide i will be teaching the basic things about Paragon.

Table of content
  • The Starter
  • Getting Around
  • Important Npcs around the world
  • Good training locations

The Starter
Let us begin with the starter. When i first began Paragon I had no idea where my starting items were I thought that we could spawn items because of the fact that we were still in beta but when i tried to spawn an item it wouldn't work so I checked in my bank and there it was my starter was in my bank the whole time.

The starter consists of these items
  • Short Bow
  • Leather body
  • Leather Chaps
  • 100 Iron Arrows
  • Wizard Robe top
  • Wizard Robe bottom
  • 100 mind runes
  • Air staff
  • 100 lobsters
  • 250k Gold coins
  • Iron Scimitar
  • Iron Chainbody
  • Iron Platelegs
  • Amulet of Strength
Your starter set will always be located within your bank.


Getting Around
Every server needs a form of transportation on Paragon we use the Sailor(located at home port) to travel the world.

The Sailor can be found near the home port and he can take you to many different areas here is an image showing you pretty much everywhere he can.

You can get to the Kalphite queen lair by clicking the tunnel north of the home

You can also get to the Tzhaar caves(currently no npcs) by clicking the cave north of the home

You can use the ladders located at the home to get to Experiments & Rock crabs

The further left one takes you to Experiments


Important Npcs around the world
Sure Paragon has a lot of npcs but there are only a few which you'll be using alot.

You will be using the sailor pretty much for everything because he is your main guy if you want to travel around.

You'll also be using the Shop npcs mainly for buying an item you need.

Bob and the Strange old man will be used often if you are a pure/main.

Bob repairs barrows (use a broken barrow item on him)
Strange old man sells Karils bolt racks for Barrows points

Vannaka is the main slayer master of Paragon so if you are a combat oriented player im sure you'll want to be using him.

The Makeover mage as the name states you can goto her to get your appearance changed for free!

The Guildmaster, if you are a pure and do not want to get a combat stat trained speak with him to lock your exp.


Good Training Locations
Paragon has many areas where you can train but there are some better then others if you want to grind.

Yaks are located right at home and they don't do a lot of damage there perfect for players just starting out

Rock crabs are the most used npc to train on mainly because of their lack of defence and low attack rates.
They can be found in the fremenik dungeon or by speaking to the Sailor.

Experiments are great to train and make some cash as they drop caskets and many other rune items. They can be found beside the fremenik dungeon ladder.


Very nice man!
If you want you might want to add like where to start some skills like crafting and shizz, or where the teleports take you too.


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You lack of periods, and grammar. ;)
But, this guide is amazing. Thanks Rod.


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Very nice!
Another thing you could have mentioned is the Crystal key -chest located in the Crafting guild.
Great guide overall, I'm sure it will be useful to many new-comers.

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