Different Payment Alternatives for Gold Membership.


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Hi all,

So I really want to become a gold member. Are there other alternative payment methods for gold membership? Like RuneScape's one where they have like four different options of payment. Preferably would want PayBySMS, since I have a load of credit.

Feedback would be very much appreciated. This also in turn could become a feasible suggestion for the server in the future too.

'08 (Will).


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Unfortunately, we don't support anything besides PayPal and cards. We'd love to have multiple processors in the future, but it's just not something that we have the resources to deal with right now.

Str En Gth

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For some reason after years of no issues with PayPal, they're not asking me to prove who I am by sending them Photo ID and confirming my bank and shit(I've been verified for over 3 years, and now they want this), for that reason I'm not a member, if you were to add another method I'd by membership straight away. (I'm not hiding anything by not sending Photo ID, I just can't be fucked doing all that stuff again)


Yeah same here I can't donate with Paypal, google checkout or amazon if they can be added in the future please add them :) thanks