[Free] Taurus's Signatures [Free]

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Username: Attack
Caption: None
Colour-scheme: Purple - Black (or) White
Details: Suprise me
Resources: None

If you can make a a matching avatar even better :p


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It seems like Jilic already made you one while I was asleep.
Here's my version;

Making a signature to you must have been one of the most difficult pieces of work that I've ever done.
I tried to do something different, but I think I made it a bit over-complicated.
I took the "464" out of the caption, considering it looked a bit silly in my eyes.
If you hate it, be honest; at least I got something to practice with. :D

Looks great, thank you.


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Username: Ahoy
Caption: DATE RAPE!
Colour-scheme: Purple
Details: NOPE
Resources: N/A

Thank you cutie :)
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