Ghost Escape - Endless Runner (PC)


*Edit -- I'm currently debating on making a different game, which is out of my comfort zone. I was thinking about a more fantasy-cartoon type game or something similar to Arcanist from Jagex's abandoned money-revenue website, FunOrb.

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*Edit 12/26/2013 -- I'm currently putting this project on hold since Paragon is being released. I will continue once I have more free-time. Till then, see y'all in-game, chumps!

Hi all!

First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to read this thread. If you like PC pixel-based games, then perhaps this is the thread for you. Over time, I will be progressively updating my progress on one of my latest games. This thread will have the following:
  • Mind-blowing pixel images
  • Long paragraphed text
  • ...and more text, but with color (improvement? I think so)
So once again, thank you for taking the time to view this thread, as it can be very lengthy at times with updates and progressive, impulsing and fixating images & sounds.

*Keep note that this game is being made from SCRATCH. Every image/character/artwork is made solely made by me. If it does not fit your standards, I'm sorry; I'm not a good artist.

To begin, we'll be starting with our graphic side of the game. I've gone ahead and started on our main character. Since I'm not creative whatsoever with naming my inanimate objects or pixel characters, we'll call this guy "Bob the Ghost". Say hi to Bob.
Bob will be our main character. He'll also be the starting character from Stage 1. You'll use him to advance you to different Stages so you can unlock new characters to play with.

12/25/2013 -
I started working on the Title Menu background from when you first launch the game. Here was the outcome (pretty simple and plain, however I may revamp the colors a tad; unnoticeable, but still change.

more to be added soon.
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First and last reserve. JUST in case I need this one for images (if the first post gets too flooded, since there are no spoilers.


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Looking forward to see some progress. :p
Are you working on solo?
Best of luck. (y)

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