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Hello and welcome to my goals and achievements thread, I'll be keeping track of my progress here on paragon within this thread, hope you all enjoy watching my account evolve.

Table of Content
Current Stats
Current Bank
PvM Drops
PvP Drops​

99/99 Attack
99/99 Fletching
99/99 Woodcutting
99/99 Strength
99/99 Defence
99/99 Hitpoints
99/99 Range

99/99 Fishing
99/99 Cooking
99/99 Magic
99/99 Crafting

99/99 Mining
99/99 Agility

99/99 Slayer
99/99 Herblore

99/99 Prayer
77/99 Runecrafing
80/99 Smithing
Current Stats

Current Bank

PvM Drops

PvP Drops
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Str En Gth

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Very nice, I remember when you got those draconic visages :\

I've killed atleast 500 dragons and not got one. Oh well not complaining they are obviously rare.