Max hits thread


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Excellent idea! I'll add to this when I get something close to that :p

Should request to get this sticked so that people can add to it and not keep making spam max hit threads, makes more sense that way.


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hard cause when you get a max hit its to late to take a pic ;/
I agree, but sometimes you're looking for that max hit so you are ready :D, I know sometimes I get a new weapon or piece of armour and try it out for max hits and this thread is a great way to show them off.


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I remember doing 72 on Verac with a DDS special attack, also with prayer, torso and all max strength gear (barrow gloves, strength amulet etc.)

Double 36's. Forgot to take a picture :(


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Just to let you guys know, the last digit of the hit is completely random and does not actually represent damage. It's done this way so you can have both x10 hits and x1 hits.
So, 409 is the same as 400.