Need a new sound system!


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Hey guys, so I'm a complete noob when it comes to speakers and audio but I want some nice sound to go with my new computer and dual monitor set up. My budget is around 200-300 USD.

Here's my motherboard that I'm currently using and will plug the audio into

I believe this has 7.1 support, correct me if I'm wrong.
1. one Stereo port for the front left and right speakers
2. one Stereo port for the side left and right speakers
3. one Stereo port for the rear left and right speakers
4. one Stereo port for the front center speaker and subwoofer speaker

Here's my room set up incase this makes a difference whether 5.1 or 7.1 is a better option for me.

Sometimes I sit in my chair and listen to music and watch movies and sometimes I sit on my bed and watch movies.

Also please state where you would place the speakers and subwoofer.

Should I mount them on my walls, keep them on my desk. Subwoofer on floor or desk? (desk is wooden, floor is carpet)

Thanks for all and any feedback! Please link me to the speakers if you can (I prefer to order off
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