#Over_The_Limit/#Team-Petkov Dominates Team Iilluminati


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Freshly hopping off of league of legends, we realized that C00l kid's team was outside of magebank, we quickly massed up and went for the fight.

We saw them on a kill heading towards axe hut so our fine member managed to pick off I Pk Noobsw with a massive combo.

We then turned our focus to Team Illuminati's leader, and with swift organization and great spec trades with perfect communication, we managed to pick up a kill on him after his horrid attempt at tanking at bats.

Just after killing their leader, we Ti Joe was frozen just a little east of mage arena, once again with swift organization we managed to get there and land a half, after a little tanking, we managed to catch a re-tb and ended him.

I Pk Noobsw came out to try to help Joe tank, this failed miserably and led us to pick up another kill ending the fight in 4-0 and having them log out.

Thank you for the "action" if that's what you'd like to call it. We tried to go easy considering we know the fact 90% of your team started on a spawn server. :s


Code_yo , `Orel, Logan, Keeno or Will to spy
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lol if you keep up flaming every team that comes on you're not gonna get very far, pretty clear you never played rs

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we wouldn't flame them if they weren't a bunch of matrix bridder pkers that are clueless enough to let me get a log on them x3 :Dd


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Then what does that make you a battlescape hybrid? yet we all played BS? Please man you're lacking brain cells.
Battlescape was actually good, especially compared to soulsplit & matrix lmfao.
Especially in 2010-2011, still ok after that but at least better than soulsplit & matrix.
But yeah either way it doesn't really matter to me because i'll slap you 1v1 anytime.
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