Paragon Pest control guide

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Hello everyone and welcome to my guide in this guide i will be teaching the core things of the Zombie pest control minigame on Paragon.

Table of Content
  • Gear
  • Inventory Setup
  • Types of attacks used
  • SafeSpot

Gear is very important as obviously without it you wouldn't be able to get very far into the minigame, here are some good gear that can be used for the minigame.

Proselyte/Initiate is a good way to preserve your prayer while still maintaining a good defence/attack bonus.

This gear is very basic but it does contain alot of melee defence.

More layouts will be posted soon!


Inventory Setup
The inventory is a key factor when your doing the minigame because obviously without anything in your inventory you wouldn't really last long.

Here is a very basic layout which works quite well other layouts will be posted very soon. The more prayer pots you have the longer you'll stay in the game but also remember you will be losing health so you will need food aswell.

Types of attacks used
The most basic attack which is used by the zombies is Magic(every so often they will use melee but it will not hit much)
The Enraged barbarian spirit uses Magic based attacks
The Angry barbarian spirit uses a combination of both magic and melee and he does hit high with both.

Later on in the minigame a lot more of the bosses will be spawning so i suggest to use the Safespot below.

Almost every minigame has a spot where you can stand on and shield yourself from the enemies so does this minigame.

The safe spot in the Zombie pest control minigame allows for none of the zombies to reach you while your allies are able to pick them off 1 by 1 without getting damaged. From waves 1-6 you will not be getting hit at all but once wave 7 beguns your allies must help you with killing the two barbarian spirits that come up to you as they can go through objects the safespot won't work on them, once the two barbarian spirits are dead your allies can then continue on killing the remaining zombies.

Please note the guide is still going to be edited it is not complete yet.


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Nice but I suggest once people have +94 mage maybe high def,pray you bring like full inventory brew-restores with ice,blood barrage so you can last long as hell. That's how it was done on bs in 2010

I Yown I

Im pretty sure that The Angry barbarian spirit uses melee attacks only.

Also there is a safespot after round 7 ;)

But still nice guide, will help somebody for sure.
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