Religion - Good or Bad?


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Personally, it doesn't matter to me whether or not you believe in any particular religion. However, you may mention your beliefs along with your arguments to help reinforce a viewpoint, if relevant.

My interest is how the community sees religion's impact on humanity; have these beliefs been positive or negative throughout history and speculation as to whether or not it will continue to have said impact in the future.

Reminder that this is a debates sub-forum. Many people may play devil's advocate, and may argue for the point of arguing; try not to get too heated.


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I honestly think it's bad, I don't see what good can come out of it. Wars have started over religion. There's certain religions that I believe are worse than others, not going to name them but doing certain things or disagreeing with the religion can get you killed. How is that ok?


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It is easy to see that religion itself has had a major impact on history, it could even be said that it has had more of an impact on history than any other 1 thing. Now, whether it has been a good or bad impact is a widely debated and harsh subject to get into. But to me personally looking at it, I see it as a mostly negative impact.
For example; A LOT of wars, battles, genocides, and other similar occurrences have been related to religion...and in no way can those be made out to be a good thing. I suppose that is all I really need to say and if you want proof on the matter, Google it (I am not a history book ;) ).
There are of course any number of historical happenings that could easily back either side of the argument, but for me personally that 1 cause alone is enough to make me believe that religion has had an overall negative impact.

And if you really want to know a good thing that happened because of religion: United States of America. But of course there are people who would say that the USA wasn't, and isn't, a good thing and that is another subject in itself..
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