Wats good

King Kush

Wats good fellas, I will be known as King Kush ingame.
Some things I like to do on servers is socializing, pvping including clan and single, and skilling.
Some things I like to do in real life is go to raves, smoke weed(hence the name), and chill with friends.
I haven't played rsps in over a year and I happened to see this server on rune-server because I am in the middle of nowhere currently have nothing else to do, and well it looks like I'm gettin back into rsps. :0
Just wanted to say hello to everyone and I hoped all had a great Christmas and will have a great New Year


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Hey. Welcome back to rsps! I know that feel, when you're just coming back, xD! Anywho, welcome, glad to see the community is growing every hour or so :)