What does life mean to you?


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Guys just stop arguing str en gth didn't mean any harm with his comment and he's partly right but so is b0aty because that's pretty much what life is for the most of the human beings and I find that very sad.
Kraze str en gth didn't exactly say his very own opinion but at least he said that he agrees with what I posted so that's already something isn't it?
I'm not picking any sides here just so you know but I don't think you should be arguing over this, you both have the right to have your opinion.
If that's b0aty's point of view on what life is then that's fine and if you str en gth find that boring then that's fine too but you still don't have to be rude to each other because of that, i'd understand if either of you wouldn't make absolutely any sense with your opinions then i'd get pissed off myself but you're both partly right about this.
Kiss and makeup, happy new year!


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I feel that our life's are to make this planet work and survive thats the way of life is to survival but everything else is to make your life more entertaining and less boring i actually don't think there is anymore reasons to life other than that, as when we die everything just will seem pointless probably sound like i have no hart but like us now playing games what effect is this having to our lifes after death or other people? nothing we are doing it for our entertainment and pass time. i think this question has a load of different answers and mine is just one of them.

Thanks for reading my opinion, Open to all feedback.